An innovative facility on campus – the iForge – is giving students the opportunity to collaborate, create and ‘make’ outside of their academic studies. Believed to the first of its kind in a UK university, the Forge is run by a team of ambitious Engineering students. Together, the iForge Reps train and supervise other student users, as well as procuring and maintaining equipment, developing links with alumni and industry, and running special events.

Where We Are :

We can be found on the first floor of the Diamond, right past the barrier :

What Can You Do :

The Makerspace is open to all students of the University of Sheffield, and you are free to use any equipment in the makerspace(find out what equipment we have here – Facilities). In the beginning of each semester, all students are given £10.00 from the iForge to use to buy materials from the iForge, or if you’re doing a project specific for or tied to a module, the charges will be charged to them instead. Even if you run of credit, you can still buy materials from the iForge using your UCard print credit(can be topped up here – Top-Up Instructions).

Note that to use any equipment, you will need to be registered as a user and finish the training required for that specific machine/tool(Training Link), although for Laser Cutters and 3D Printers, you can do the training at home. To register as a user for the iForge, just pop by the iForge and talk to our front desk iRep and they will help you set it up.