We are looking to recruit 20-30 new REPs who can commit at least 5 hours a week to the space for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year.

Once allocated a 3hr shift and sub-team, in addition to your 3hr shift you will be required to spend 1hr a week for your sub-team meeting, and 1hr to execute team specific tasks. This is flexible and will be allocated with consideration to your university time-table, any extra time you wish to spend in the space is completely in your control.

We are looking for individuals who a willing to learn, who can commit energy and time to the space and preferably use the space regularly. Knowledge of maintenance and the workings of our machines is not compulsory for your  application. You will be fully trained in all of our equipment if you are successful in your application.

The iForge is the first student led maker-space, coming to the end of only it’s second year of running, hence there is still lots of room for growth. Being student-led means…

    • Networking with academics and businesses nationally hence gaining funding to achieve financial sustainability.
    • Control our finances is vital, this involves analysis of each sub-teams needs and hence distributing our annual budget of £90’000 appropriately.
    • Working with the existing kit, looking at our current user needs to roadmap possible new hardware, materials and technology acquisitions for the space. Stocktaking and liaising with suppliers to get the best possible deals is also essential to run the space.
    • We manage all the training and certification regimes of iForge users by producing an engaging and interesting system which encourages users to internalize vital information. The health and safety sub-team is also heavily involved in creating video based media.
    • How we publicise the space, spread the word of our successes and engage with the community is completely in our hands. Which events, hackathons and workshops are held and the management of our website blog and online portfolio is all controlled internally by our REPs.
    • The IT team helps keep the iForge computer systems in check and are always working towards making the iForge run more efficiently, this has involved building a custom sign in app to keep track of user training.

We are a unique, close-knit community pushing for growth both physically and within each individual sub-team to always work towards an even better iForge.

Being a REP involves…

  • having in depth knowledge of the services we provide and the workings of every machine and resource.
  • communicating with both new and old users will be a and teaching them how to not only use but respect the space.
  • helping host events in addition to your 3 hour shift and commitment to your sub-team.

As a REP you will receive 24 hours access to the space and the opportunity to directly implement the change you wish to see in the iForge.

The interview process involves…

Applications for the Online Form will close at midnight on Friday 5th April. Interview Dates are yet to be confirmed.