CNC Router and Mill

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What is it?

Both the CNC Router and Mill are a 3-axis method of subtractive manufacturing 3D models. They differ in work area size and ideal cutting material. While the Router has a large work area (600mm x 400mm x 120mm), the Mill is slightly smaller (250mm x 160mm x 235mm).

CNC Router

    • large work area of 600mm x 400mm x 120mm
    • generally used to cut hard and soft wood, plastic, modelling foam, acrylic and prototyping material.

    CNC Mill

      • smaller work area of 250mm x 160mm x 235mm,
      • generally used to cut wax, plastic, acrylic, free cutting alloys, aluminium and steel.

      If you have any questions about a material not included on this page or want to manufacture something larger than the available work area, please don’t hesitate to visit us at the iForge and ask a rep on shift or contact the Hardware team at:

      Basics of use

      To use these machines you will need to produce a g-code, Fusion360 is the University recommended software package, but there are a range of softwares available. Once you have a g-code you will need to open it in Denfords VR milling software on the computers by the machines and set your tool and work offsets. The machines use quick change tool holders to make changing tools mid programme easy. If you want more details the tool library for the Router is available here, and for the Mill (which can only auto tool change for up to 6 tools) it’s here [links not available just yet].

      To use these tools you need to have completed their respective online trainings, these are available here.

      iForge Reps taking care of machinery

      The Hardware team is responsible for understanding and maintaining the various pieces of machinery we have at the iForge. If there is an unusual issue with a piece of equipment, the Hardware team is the first to be notified. Find out more about them and the other teams that keep the iForge running on our Meet Our Team page!

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