What equipment do we supply?

The iForge has electronics equipment available for prototyping. We have a range of electronic components available for you to use through RS ScanStock. In addition to this you can use our Arduinos, breadboards, power supplies, oscilloscopes, National Instrument Virtual Bench, Soldering irons, etc.

There is no training required for the Electronics, but to enter the iForge you need to have completed the compulsary training available here.

Reps in Charge of the Electronics [Section under construction]

Rep 1

About rep 1

Rep 2

About rep 2

Some iForge reps are assigned to certain machinery for maintenence and information about said machinery. These are the reps in charge of the Electronics, see if you can spot them when they’re on shift!

If you want to be a part of the Hardware team or just the iForge you can apply here during our recruitment period.

If you want to see what other teams you can be a part of by volunteering with the iForge click here.