Welcome to our Events in iForge !

Who we are?

We are all students who have chosen to join in this team after accepted to be an iForge Rep. We make a  team of 5-7 students, depending on requirement and time of the year. 

See below active members of our team:

2019/20 2018/19 2018

Riya Chauhan – Team Leader

MEng Bioengineering 2017-20

Dasha Ladusane

MEng Aerospace Engineering 2017-21

Hadia Mazhar Bokhari

MEng Aerospace Engineering  2015-20

Thomas Edwards

MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2017-21

Weronika Pawlowska

MEng Civil and Structural Engineering 2017-21

Weronika Pawlowska – Team Leader

MEng Civil and Structural Engineering 2017-21


Hadia Mazhar Bokhari

MEng Aerospace Engineering  2015-20

Shiv Unka

MEng Aerospace Engineering 2014-19

Amy Amy McLauchlan – Team Leader

MEng Aerospace, Aeronautical, Astronautical Engineering


What do we do?

As the name suggests, we are responsible for organising and supervising events. However, this involves:

  • finding the opportunity for the event
  • cooperating with the rest of the iForge Team
  • planning, setting up time, place, resources…

Working in this team will expose you to work in many different environments with various people including students, professionals or academics.

What is our purpose? 

 We aim to increase the iForge community of well-skilled Makers among students and the wider community in and outside Sheffield.

We successfully have been invited to attend or host many new ‘on’ and ‘off’ campus events. Additionally we actively take initiative and organise various events, workshops, competitions and outreach! Please see more exciting info about it in the ‘Past Events’ tab.

Starting in 2019/20, the role of the socials team was part of our responsibility. We have Rep, Tom, who did a great job in helping the whole iForge Team to socialise. We have been organising socials like trips to the pub, Xmas meals out and group activities!

For current events, please see ‘Upcoming Events’ tab. 

What are our values and plans?

The target for the 2020/21 year is to continue cooperation we developed this year with local schools in Sheffield, academic members of staff, companies, like Siemens, TRADA, AutoDesk etc. And even though there are many things to be continued you also will have the chance to develop a new type of event, the opportunities are limitless!

Want to get involved or have a query?

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