Handheld Power Tools

Handheld Power Tools

We have a range of handheld power tools available in the iForge to cut and sand many resistant materials. If cutting or sanding carbon fibre you must use the Airbenches to provide suitable extraction.


  • Jigsaws are an extremely versatile tool, able to make a variety of cuts from straight cuts through to intricate curved and scrolling lines. It has a quick blade change feature meaning that it can cut through a wide variety of materials, from wood, plastics and sheet metal, even ceramic tiles. It has a variable speed settings to give you more control when cutting, allowing you to use faster speeds on materials like wood and slower speeds on materials that heat up quickly such as metal.

Belt Sander

  • Belt sanders offer powerful, high speed sanding for fast removal of material. Ideally suited for large flat surface areas they will quickly and efficiently smooth the workpiece, and can also be used for rapid removal of old paint or varnish. Although not typically used for fine finishing, they can power through heavy sanding jobs, saving huge amounts of time and effort.

Pad Sanders

  • Pad sanders are used for finishing and fine sanding. Usually for flat surfaces, the sandpaper is easily changed to allow for different grits.

Handheld Battery Operated Drill

  • Small portable drills are used for when workpieces cannot be held in the pillar drill. They will create holes in most materials provided the correct drill bit and speed is used. Can also be used with pozi screwdriver bits for screwing fasteners.