MiRo Trophy

Yash, Siya and Vivek

The MiRo robot is a state-of-the-art robot designed for research and education in robotics and artificial intelligence.

What was the idea behind this project?

I recently had the opportunity to design and create MiRo trophies at iForge for current offer holders and prospective computer science students at the University of Sheffield, along with other Computer Science Ambassadors. The trophy consists of three parts: a laser-engraved and laser-cut picture of a MiRo robot, a laser-engraved and laser-cut winner plate fitted on the base, and a cork base.

Working in the iForge was a new and thrilling experience for me as a computer science student, as I had the chance to apply my creative and technical skills to assemble unique and innovative MiRo trophies. To use iForge’s advanced fabrication equipment, I had to undergo a lot of training provided by the iForge team including online resources and in-person training with the help of iForge reps to learn the correct use of the equipment and machines. They were always available to offer guidance and support throughout the fabrication process.

What did you use when making this?

The process began with designing the MiRo and winner plate using AutoCAD, a software I had never used before. At first, it was intimidating but with the help of iForge reps and online tutorials, I quickly learned how to navigate the software and create the desired designs.

Once the designs were finalised, I had the opportunity to use iForge’s advanced fabrication equipment, including laser cutters and a bandsaw, to create the physical trophies. This was an incredible experience as I was able to see my ideas come to fruition. The iForge representatives were always available to provide guidance and support throughout the fabrication process, which was a huge help.

Did you enjoy the process?

As a computer science student, I don’t usually have any coursework that involves using iForge. However, designing and creating these trophies in the iForge allowed me to explore new tools and equipment, and gave me a newfound appreciation for the wide range of possibilities it offers.

Overall, my experience using iForge as a computer science student was very positive. The combination of hands-on fabrication, learning new software and equipment was a unique and exciting challenge through which I have acquired invaluable experience.

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