Manual Fabrication

Manual Fabrication

In addition to the CNC machines, the iForge has a range of manual fabrication equipment. These all require online training and some require additional in-person training. This equipment can be used to shape, cut, join, mold, or bend resistant materials. Please check our approved materials list to confirm that you are using a CoSHH approved material.

Pillar Drill

  • A pillar drill is a free standing machine that uses a motor to rotate a drill bit with variable speed range. This drill bit can be used to cut holes of different diameters into different types of material such as wood or metal.


  • Bandsaws are a great piece of kit to have in your workshop, whether you are cutting irregular shapes or straight lines you are able to cut a wide range of materials precisely and accurately.

Disc sander

  • A disc sander is used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. The workpiece (usually wood although other materials can be shaped and worked on such as plastics, metals and other soft materials), is sat on a front bench that can be adjusted to various angles.

Scroll saw

  • A scroll saw consists of a fine blade that allows you to achieve an intricate cut with extreme accuracy in various materials such as wood and metal. They produce a clean cut that rarely need to be sanded. If you’re looking to make highly precise cuts and curves, you’ll be able to achieve this much easier and with more control due to the ultra-fine blade.