Personal Projects

Here you can see examples of personal projects our users have worked on in the iForge. If you have a project you’d like us to feature on this page, please make a submission using the following link: google form for submissions. 


Click on the project image or name for more details.

Desk Tidy (Mahogany)

Seiya Mori

26th March 2019

Electric Guitar (Fender Stratocaster)

Seiya Mori

13th March 2019

Parallelogram Robotic Arm

Ben Griffiths

23rd March 2019

Fighting ant-weight robots

Jack Hutton, Roboteers Society

6th December 2018

Keyboard Switch Tester

Wei Sam

26th February 2019

Phone Case

Matthew Ostrowski

5th March 2019

Poker chip case

Jack Taylor

18th March 2019

Joystick Holder (for Balancing Robot)

Ben Peters

12th March 2019

Toadstool Lamp

Ben Peters

20th December 2018