Plastic Moulding

What is it?

Plastic moulding involves using heat to cut ot mold plastic. You can take a look at what the iForge has available below.

To use any of the plastic moulding machinery, the compulsory user training and hot tools training need to be completed. These are available here and here.

Machines available at the iForge

Vacuum Former

Vacuum forming is a technique that is used to shape a variety of plastics. It works by heating a thin sheet of plastic which is pulled over a mould to imprint the shape into the plastic.

Line Bender

The line bender heats a sheet of plastic on a line. When heated, the plastic becomes malleable along the line where it can be bent using a jig set to the desired angle.

Hot Wire Cutter

Hot wire cutters can be used to cut expanded polystyrene such as blue foam or depron. It has a a thin, taut metal wire which is heated using electrical resistance to around 200°C.

When the wire moves through the material the heat from the wire vaporises the material just before it touches the wire.

Vacuum Former

Line Bender

Hot Wire Cutter

Reps in Charge of the plastic moulding equipment [Section under construction]

Rep 1

About rep 1

Rep 2

About rep 2

Some iForge reps are assigned to certain machinery for maintenence and information about said machinery. These are the reps in charge of the plastic moulding equipment, see if you can spot them when they’re on shift!

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