Plastic Molding

Plastic Moulding

We have equipment available to heat and mold plastics :

Vacuum Former

● Vacuum forming is a technique that is used to shape a variety of plastics. By heating a thin sheet of plastic and using a vacuum to pull it over a mold of unusual shapes can be created.

Line Bender

● The line bender has a heated strip that can be used to heat plastics along a straight line. Once it becomes malleable it can be bent using a jig to create the desired bend. 

Hot Wire Cutter

● Hot wire cutters can be used to cut expanded polystyrene such as blue foam or depron. The device consists of a thin, taut metal wire, which is heated via electrical resistance to approximately 200°C. As the wire is passed through the material to be cut, the heat from the wire vaporises the material just in advance of contact.