Waterjet cutter

What is it?

Waterjet cutters use a high powered jet of water, combined with abrasive sand to cut along a pre-defined line. Because of this, they are perfect for producing accurate cuts into sheet material.

To use the waterjet cutter, both the compulsory and waterjet cutter training need to be completed. You can find these here and here.

    Basics of use

    Our waterjet cutter will cut almost any material up to a maximum thickness of 25mm with a maximum bed size of 300mm x 300mm. To use the waterjet cutter you need a CAD drawing of your design. This is normally a .dxf file that contains a line drawing of your cut. It can be created with CAD programs like AutoCAD, Solidworks or Fusion 360 or vector graphics programs like Inkscape or Inventor. If you need help creating files for laser cutting come and talk to a rep for help, or have a search online because we can’t be experts in all the CAD programs!

    Reps in Charge of the Waterjet Cutter [Section under construction]

    Rep 1

    About rep 1

    Rep 2

    About rep 2

    Some iForge reps are assigned to certain machinery for maintenence and information about said machinery. These are the reps in charge of the Waterjet Cutter, see if you can spot them when they’re on shift!

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